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Subsidence Analysis, Remediation & Mitigation.

Laboratory Testing

We offer both In-Situ and In-House Lab Testing.

Project Bulletins

Latest findings from MEA's projects.

Core Drilling

Borehole Camera Radar
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Geotechnical Engineering

With an experienced staff and in-house laboratory, MEA provides a full range of geotechnical (soil and rock) engineering services.

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Forensic Engineering

Our geotechnical engineering experts provide forensic and litigation support services to clients and their attorneys.

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Mines & Sinkholes

MEA provides a full scope of services to clients with undermined sites across the country.


Marino Engineering Associates

With over 33 years of experience, MEA’s staff has provided services across the entire scope of geotechnical engineering and mine subsidence engineering. Aspects of geotechnical projects including various shallow and deep foundation systems, design of all types of retaining structures, numerical (Finite Element) 2D and 3D seepage, as well as soil-structure interaction analyses, sophisticated slope stability analyses, and rock engineering.

In the areas of mining and subsidence engineering, MEA has serviced over 100 major mining projects, site subsidence studies, mine stability design and failure analyses. In addition MEA has worked extensively in the areas of prediction of subsidence displacement and damage potential, subsidence damage evaluation, repair design, and mine grouting design and monitoring. Being foremost in this field, MEA’s staff has authored over 80 publications on related topics and has worked in coal fields across the U.S. »

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Gennaro G. Marino, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE President
Dr. Marino is among the nation's top experts in subsidence engineering. With over 33 years of experience, he has been a lead consultant on more difficult mining and geotechnical engineering related projects throughout the United States.

Project Investigation Bulletins

Issue #30

Risk Based Analysis Results in Efficient Mine Stabilization

Two separate levels of old coal workings were stabilized because of the potential hazards to an exisiting commercial building if either mine were to fail. »

Issue #28

Forensic Investigation of Airport Hangar Subgrade/Subbase

Often times, construction subbase/subgrade issues are not sufficiently addressed in the plans and specifications. Foresight into pavement preparation constructibility issues during design can significantly mitigate disputes, claims, delays and the final cost, especially with respect to large projects. »

Issue #14 (reprint)

Establishing Mine Subsidence Risk

The assessment of the risk of mine subsidence related damage above underground coal mines is the most critical and driving factor for land development. Only about 50% of the undermined sites investigated for mine subsidence by MEA were found to have significant risk. »

Events & News

January 2015

Dr. Jerry Marino to Present in Fairview Heights, IL

Dr. Jerry Marino will give a presentation on Mine Subsidence Engineering. »

February 2015

Dr. Jerry Marino to Present in Harrisburg, PA

Dr. Jerry Marino will give a presentation on Dealing with Construction over Subsidence-Prone Karst Terrain. »

March 2015

Dr. Marino will Present at the Engineer's Club in St. Louis

Dr. Marino will be giving a presentation on Dealing with Construction over Subsidence-Prone Karst Terrain. »