• Underground Excavations

Underground Excavations

MEA’s experience with underground excavations includes a host of various structures for different uses. These include vertical shafts, tunnels, mine workings, and open caverns for mining, public transportation, utilities, water reservoirs, and gas storage. The geotechnical requirements for these types of structures vary widely and depend upon the project conditions. In addition to investigating the subsurface conditions, both short and long term stability analysis of the proposed opening structure and underground support requirements are often performed.

For more information on specific projects related to this topic, see the following MEA Technical Bulletins:

UPDATE #9: Hard Excavation Dispute


  • Geological Engineering Investigations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Mine Structure Design
  • Permanent Support Systems
  • Opening/Shaft Design
  • Computational Seepage Analysis
  • Grout Design Programs
  • Construction Specifications

In-House Lab Testing

  • Soil and Rock Engineering Properties
  • Compression Tests
  • Permeability Tests
  • Rock Hardness

Field Testing

  • Core Drilling
  • Field Permeability Tests
  • Extensometer Measurement
  • Piezometer Monitoring
  • Field Surveys
  • Grout Monitoring