Subsidence Risk Analysis

Whether from karst terrane or underground mines, a very important determination is the assessment of subsidence risk of a proposed or existing site and, more importantly, the potential damage that could result. Due to MEA’s knowledge and experience track, we rank among the best in rendering the highest quality of risk assessment.

For more information on specific projects related to this topic, see the following MEA Technical Bulletins:

UPDATE #10: Borehole Radar Determines Solid Coal and Mined-Out Areas
UPDATE #14: Establishing Mine Subsidence Risk
UPDATE #30: Risk Based Analysis Results in Efficient Mine Stabilization


  • Subsidence Control Plans
  • Mine Stability
  • Subsidence and Damage Potential
  • Subsidence/Structure Interaction
  • Numerical Modeling of Structural Response
  • Pipeline Response
  • Numerical Modeling of Mine Pillar and Floor Behavior

In-House Lab Testing

  • Uniaxial/Triaxial Compression
  • Rock Durability
  • Soil and Rock Engineering Properties
  • Point Load
  • Swell
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Field Testing

  • Experienced Exploration Logging
  • Core Drilling
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Borehole Camera Inspection
  • Piezometer Installations
  • Borehole Radar Void Detection