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Petroleum Engineering Services

Marino Engineering Associates, Inc. is an expert in the field of geomechanical engineering and borehole mechanics engineering. MEA engineers have published a number of articles in the area of wellbore stability and study of conventional and unconventional oil reservoirs. MEA can provide consultation to professionals in the petroleum field and conduct analyses on wellbore stability, and hydraulic fracturing, and geomechanical characterization of geophysical log data.

MEA offers a number of petroleum engineering services, including:

  • Borehole in-situ stress analysis in a surrounding geomechanical medium
  • Stability analysis of boreholes and optimization of mud type and pressure during drilling
  • Geomechanical characterization of conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Analysis and design of hydraulic fracturing methods
  • Geophysical studies and image log analyses for provided reliable in-situ stress regine and mechanical rock characteristics specifically for mapping fluids contacts, estimating lithology, and characterizing reservoir fractures
  • Geomechanical studies for in-situ thermal operations in oil reservoirs