• Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services

MEA has extensive knowledge and experience with geotechnical related analysis of the performance of buried and exposed pipelines. Various expert risk analyses and mitigation designs have been performed by MEA including computational investigations of buried, high-pressure natural gas and petroleum pipelines affected by ground movement. Investigation and risk analysis services provided by MEA are as follows:

  • Investigation of the effect of mine subsidence on pipe stresses and deformations
  • Evaluation of landslide or slope instability hazards to pipelines
  • Mitigation design of buried pipelines to reduce the hazard of failure due to ground movement
  • Stress monitoring of pipelines using telemetric strain-gauge instrumentation from ground movement
  • Investigation of soil-pipe interaction
  • Pipeline investigation in seismic conditions
  • Numerical analyses of pipelines for special investigations using state-of-the-art engineering programs including SAP2000 and FLAC3D

For more information on specific projects related to this topic, see the following MEA Technical Bulletins:

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