• Soil And Rock Field Investigation 1
  • Soil And Rock Field Investigation 2

Soil and Rock Field Testing

MEA's soil and rock field inspection and testing services cover the vast majority of construction related projects. The main services are given below.

For more information on in-situ testing, especially Geophysical Exploration, please visit the Field Service, Monitoring and Instrumentation page.


Field Inspection

  • Foundation Excavation
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • Deep Foundation
  • Shallow Foundation
  • Fill Placement
  • Mapping of Rock Exposures and Test Pits
  • Soil and Rock Core Logging

Field Testing

  • Anchor Pullout Test
  • Pile Driving Analysis
  • Proof and Verification Pile Testing
  • Soil and Rock Permeability Test
  • Subgrade Dynamic Cone Test
  • Soil Moisture/Density Testing