Our Company

Marino Engineering Associates, Inc. specializes in subsidence engineering, forensic investigations, design in geotechnical and pavement engineering, engineering research, and training. Founded in 1980 as GGMEC, by Dr. Gennaro G. Marino, P.E., D.GE., F. ASCE, the company became Marino Engineering Associates, Inc. (MEA) in 1997. MEA’s highly qualified scientific and technical staff work together seamlessly to produce superior, on-time results for each client regardless of the project size.

MEA’s focus is to provide the highest standard of service and response to complex, challenging, and unique projects.

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, MEA serves projects throughout the continental United States. Clients include government, public agencies, private business, law firms, insurance companies, and others. Past projects include interesting challenges covering many highly technical geotechnical and civil engineering areas including: mine subsidence, mine stability, complex foundation conditions, karst related subsidence, and underground structures. Additional areas include specialized earthquake damage, damage investigations of pavement, and various structures from soil shrink/swell, consolidation, sliding, seepage, weak soils, earthquake movement, and construction difficulties which may include subsurface investigations, and laboratory testing.

MEA maintains strong business relationships with professionals in related fields. Marino Engineering Associates, Inc. is uniquely positioned to address the diverse geotechnical and pavement engineering projects present in today’s environment.


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