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Our Work

MEA-serviced geotechnical and civil engineering projects can be found in every corner of the United States. As one of the leading geotechnical engineering consultants for subsidence engineering in the nation, prospective and abandoned mines can be expertly evaluated by MEA. In addition to the geotechnical design and forensic work related to subsidence, MEA has diverse experience with complex geotechnical civil engineering difficulties.

Several examples of more recent projects that MEA has been consulted on can be seen below:

MSE Wall Design – Residential, IL

Introduction: A wall was designed to stabilize a slope for a homeowner in Illinois.

Description: Landslide occurred involving two residences. MEA performed a subsurface and groundwater investigation and laboratory testing to determine the cause and characteristics of the slide. The slide was also mapped and surveyed.

Outcome: MEA developed the plans and specifications for an MSE retaining wall which was approved by the City. The wall was successfully constructed.

Geotechnical Subsurface Investigation – Department Store, FL

Introduction: A department store was looking at a potential site for new development and asked MEA to perform a subsurface investigation.

Description: MEA performed a subsurface investigation of geologic/geotechnical conditions, soil and rock mechanics testing, and pavement and foundation design. The subsurface investigation consisted of drilling of SPT holes and augers, logging, surface electric resistivity, and lab testing. MEA also assessed subsidence and associated damage risks from karst and remediation alternatives. Designed and supervised compaction grouting of karst features.

Outcome: MEA prepared a full geotechnical report on our findings to assist the client in developing the site and successfully treated subsidence prone features.

Foundation and Pavement Design – Airport, IL

Introduction: A regional airport was planning on constructing a new air traffic control tower and wanted MEA’s help with the foundation and pavement design, as well as underground mine issues.

Description: MEA performed a full subsurface investigation and soil/rock testing of the foundation conditions, which included pressuremeter testing. Provided foundation recommendations for the proposed air traffic control tower and base building as well as pavement recommendations. Also investigated underground mining conditions and provided subsidence and damage potential estimates for the site in addition to mine remediation measures.

Outcome: MEA prepared a full geotechnical report including foundation recommendations and a mine remediation plan.

Slope and Retaining Wall Designs – Oil & Gas Industry, WV

Introduction: Client requested MEA provide emergency assistance on two construction sites which were experiencing landsliding events and had MSE wall designs which were incompatible with the existing site conditions. MEA investigated land slide instability and other site conditions and developed retaining structures and reinforced earth designs to stabilize the sliding conditions that were compatible with the site conditions.

Description: MEA performed subsurface investigation, surface mapping of slope conditions, and design analyses. This included slope and wall stability analyses. MEA provided client with plans and specs of reinforced earth and retaining wall designs.

Outcome: MEA prepared designs and plans and specification for construction to resolve the issues encountered during construction.

Laboratory Testing – Pavement, KY

Introduction: MEA was asked to provide laboratory testing of pavement materials for the client.

Description: MEA laboratory staff performed Atterberg Limits, Grain Size Analysis, and Modified and Standard Proctor tests to determine the material’s properties.

Outcome: MEA’s laboratory prepared a report of the testing results of the testing for the client.

Sheetpile Failure Analysis – Cofferdam, FL

Introduction: MEA was asked to investigate the failure of a cofferdam.

Description: Investigation of the failure of a braced sheetpile wall failure ultimately due to underseepage. Performed a detailed design analysis of all geotechnical engineering aspects including subsurface investigation and laboratory testing, sheetpile earth and seepage pressure conditions, better pile performance, coupled 2D and 3D seepage analyses, sheetpile uplift potential, event analysis and piping potential.

Outcome: Investigation of the failure of a braced sheetpile wall failure which was ultimately due to underseepage.

Building Damage Stabilization – Department Store, ME

Introduction: A structure was damaged due to ground movement and MEA was brought in to help with stabilization.

Description: The work included examination of ground improvement treatment and measured ground movements from quick clays, settlement calculations, numerical analyses of ground movement and design/costs for different stabilization alternatives. Investigation basically determined that pre-construction treatment of deep-seated quick clays with wick drains and surcharging was insufficient resulting excessive post-construction movement and building damage.

Outcome: The investigation essentially determined that pre-construction treatment of deep-seated quick clays with wick drains and surcharging was insufficient, resulting in excessive post-construction movement and building damage.